Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lamitcal Journey

Thursday will make one week of Haley being on her new meds. While I know this is going to be a constant uphill battle, I am (cautiously) optimistic about the Lamitcal. Haley has, on average, 25-30 seizures a day and they last anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. I know that doesnt seem like a long time, but its 30 seconds where her brain is firing off too many impulses. Its 30 seconds where she has no control over her potty. I know we are lucky compared to other families that deal with epilepsy. Haley does not lose control of her bladder when she seizues. She does fall to the ground with her arms and legs jerking around. They type of epilepsy we are fighting is mild, which also makes it harder to fight. And the chances that Haley will grow of it are very slim.

Our trip to Madigan was incredible, despite the 3 hour drive there and back. Her neurologist was great and spent more time talking to Haley than to me. He gave me 2 meds to look up and let Curtis and I choose which one we wanted to try. She had already been on Depakote and it worked but no all that great. I wanted to try a new medication and I was willing to accept the side effects of Lamictal. After a fiasco at the pharmacy at Navy hospital and phone calls to just about every other pharmacy in town, the pharmacist at Walgreens swooped in like an angel!! Marjorie told me that didnt have the meds in stock but could order them and they would be in the next day. I gave her all of Haley's info and asked what I needed to do so that she could bill our insurance. She told me nothing!! I didnt have to do one thing besides coming in to pick up the meds!!! She would (and did!) take care of everything. So, we show up to get the meds and I'm expecting to pay about $30 since Lamitcal was a brand name formulary drug in the top tier of our insurance plan. Nope!!!!! $3!!!! Marjorie fought with my insurance so that I would have the lowest possible copay! I could have kissed her at that moment!!!! Its service like that that makes we want to never deal with pharmacy on base ever again. And for Haley's meds, I wont. I know she will end up with more prescriptions and I will take all of them to Marjorie.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation plans

We leave in just about a week!!!!! I'm so flippin excited to get out of WA (well, mainly Oak Harbor) for a bit. My plans are as follows:

~maintain some level of sanity between here and Eureka.

~spend a weekend forming the foundations of new relationships with family

~watch my girls stare in awe at the Avenue of the Giants

~use my Nuther Mother's back deck to soak up some sun

~chase the girls through the backyard while Nuther Mother cooks dinner and can listen to the giggles and squeals

~celebrating Anda's first birthday along side Gran's 70th

~learn how Jelly Belly's are made

~watch Anda get passed from person to person and get covered in kisses

~taking Haley and Laura to their first baseball game

~hoping Anda decides to walk at Grams and Buckos

The next week is going to get crazy insane but it'll so be worth it. The girls will come home with the awesome memories and tons of new Aunties and Uncles. I'll probably come home with some awesome tan lines and severe case of exhaustion. The only thing I would change is that we has more time so that we could make it San Diego. But medical appointments dictated when we have to be home. It is was it is.

Monday, July 5, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle

My love of books drives my husband nuts!! I have 1 bookcase downstairs for favorite books and new books. Plus, a bookcase in our bedroom and like 3 tubs of books in our closet (plus stacks of books located in random places around the house). I'm always reading something.

So, seeing as how I've read easily 3 books in the last week, I started looking at the Kindle and the Nook. As much as I love the idea of being able to carry a crap load of books with me everywhere I go, I dont know if would actually love reading like that. When I read, I like the sound of the pages turning. I love the smell of a new book! I love how it feels to crack the spine. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a Kindle.

If you have one and love it, more power to you! Your books are alot cheaper than mine!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cookbook Challenge

When Haley said "Fried chicken again?" I realized that I have fallen into a rut with dinners. I try to vary what we eat but with 3 kids, a husband who works weird hours about half the week, and everything else we have going on...well, I have used certain dinners as a crutch. I know my kids will eat spaghetti, fish sticks, meatloaf and breakfast for dinner is always a winner!

I hate that this has happened, especially when I have a bunch of cookbooks. So, I decided that I'm doing 30 different recipes in 30 days. I know there are some things that my fam (including me) just wont eat. And, if I'm going to be making "new" stuff, I need to keep some of the no-fails around to keep the boat from rocking too much. So I sat down last night and made my list of "need to try this" foods. I completed my list of 30 and realized that I only used one cookbook. Wasnt my intention to do that but it worked out. Every recipe came out of Grandma Mel's cookbook.

This cookbook came from Curtis' grandma. It is full of family recipes and has little stories that tie into some of them. Sadly, I only met Grandma Mel twice before she passed away. I have gotten to know her through stories told around the dinner table at my in-laws house, through bits and pieces of memories that belong to other people. I know we will hear many more stories when we are in Eureka next month and I know it will be hard on my husband. The last time he was there was 2 years ago for his grandpa's funeral (this being the second time I had met Grandma Mel). Sadly, he wasnt able to go back last year for her funeral as I was about ready to have Anda.

So, getting more off the beaten path (but it ties in, I swear), Laura and I were talking about our vacation the other day. She asked me if she would be able to meet Grandma Mel when we go to California. I knew something like this was going to happen and I was somewhat ready for it. I swallowed the lump in my throat and told my daughter that Grandma Mel lives in heaven now so we would not be able to see her on vacation. She seemed satisfied with this and turned to look out the window. After a minute, she looks back at me and tell me that Grandma Mel left her cookbook here so we can get to know her through the food.

And that is what I intend to do!! My list contains 30 recipes from the best cookbook to ever come into my house!! My list has chicken dishes, beef dishes, pies, cookies, cakes, casseroles and breads. And probably some other things that I forgot. I know as I make these dishes, I can change things to suit my family and our tastes. I know as I make these dishes, my list of 30 will grow ever longer. I will find recipes that I missed and add those to my list. Curtis will remember something from growing up and my list will get longer.

I'm sure as I cook my way through the book, I will update things on here. I have not had a "fail" come out of the cookbook yet and I'm hoping to keep it that way!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vacation Time!!!

So, I've had a few people ask why I am so excited to go on vacation next month. Well, the answers are abundant!!!

First and foremost, I have not been back to California since we moved almost two years ago. I miss the heat and the sun. Washington is beautiful and we have been able to see things that are not possible in CA, but I could never live here. Both hubby and I were born and raised in Cali so its in our blood.

#2~Anda is almost a year old and has hardly met any of the family. I'm so excited to be able to take her and let her meet everyone! She will be passed around like a hot potato, be squeezed and kissed from the moment we get there until we leave. I cant wait for her to feel all the love everyone has for her.

#3~We are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Anda's first birthday with everyone! Not only that, but she will be able to have her party her Gran's 70th birthday. What a special day it will be for both of them!

#4~By taking this trip, the girls and I will have the chance to (finally) get to meet so many people on Curtis' side of the fam. The girls have not met anyone and the one time I did, it was not under the best circumstances. This time, however, will be different. It will be a happy day!!!

#5~ I NEED to get out of Oak Harbor for a little bit. I need to somewhere that I can make a "quick trip" to Target. I need to see the sun for more than 1 day out of 7. I need to chance my girls around Momma's backyard. I need to get sunburned laying on the deck. Well, I dont need to do that but I know it will happen.

Ok, so I could go on forever but those are the most important reasons. I cant wait to go! Haley is excited to see/meet everyone. Laura wants to figure out how the whole "triplet" thing works. And Anda....well, as long as she's fed, she's good.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Laura has decided...

that she wants to be a boy. I have no clue where this have come from. But I cant say that I'm surprised. She has never been one to choose to wear a dress and actually throws a fit if I try to put her in one. Laura has always been a rough and tumble kid. She would rather be outside eating dirt than wearing anything pink. She'll tell that pink is for Haley, not Laura.

Now, she has been telling me for awhile that she wants to pick her clothes from the little boy section whenever we go shopping. For some reason, I wouldnt let her. Then I realized that it doesnt matter. Shorts are shorts. Who cares if the shorts are pink with ruffles or camo? Well, some people might but I dont!

So, it's Laura's turn to get some new clothes next month. And if she wants to go straight to the little boy section and get camo shorts, thats where we'll go! I have a feeling that the next time she needs shoes she's going to want little boy shoes. In the end, all that really matters is that Laura likes her clothes. Besides, she knows how to get undressed all by herself so I have a feeling that I put her in something she hates, she'll just take it off.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its a GM thing..

and not very many people up here understand it. Being the we're stationed at an air station, there arent very many GM's up here. Curtis works with 3 others and the squadrons have a few floating around. But thats about it.

While we do have awesome friends up here, its hard not having another wife who truly understands what I deal with. Yeah, every Sailor comes home smelling like something but nothing compares to having your husband walk in the door smelling so strongly of CLP that you'd have sworn he bathed in it. And, yes, that has happened to me. Being married to a GM, you have to be able to handle sleeping with someone who smells like gunpowder, even after a shower. I swear, it just seeps into their skin during a gun shoot. And when they're on a ship...oh, they come home sleeping like hydraulic fluid on top of CLP on top of gun powder. Their uniforms have to be washed separate from everything else. Boots DO NOT come in the house!! Especially after range days. And then there are phone calls where all you hear is "blah blah new boots blah blah busted hydraulic line blah gun mount" and all you think is "well, there goes about $130". Yup, thats happened before too.

I do love my friends up here but part of me cant wait to get orders back to a ship. It just kinda sucks not having anyone who understands why I hold my breath when putting uniforms into the wash or know its a good sign when he walks through the door reeking of gun powder. Guess that part is a GM wife thing.....